Getting Your Beamish Road Registered

If your bike is not currently road registered and you wish to do trials involving road work, you will have to apply to the DVLA for a registration number: new vehicle registrations.

If you cannot provide evidence of the date of manufacture, your bike will be given a 'Q' registration number. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's perfectly legal and valid. However it does put some buyers off if they are looking for a bike and some people simply don't like a Q plate! Once you have registered your bike on a Q plate, there is no way of changing it.

There is only one way around this and that is to have a dating certificate issued by a bone fide Owners Club unless the manufacturer is still trading. We are able to offer dating certificates for ?35 (Suzuki GB charge ?70 and can't do a Beamish anyway!).

What do I need to do?

First of all send us an e-mail at and tell us briefly about your bike, what year you believe it to be and any numbers you can find on the engine and frame. We will give you an address to send photos to and payment methods. We require around 20 good quality photos (around 1Mb each in size) of the following parts of your bike:-

  • Full view of both sides
  • Petrol tank, both sides
  • Side panels
  • The frame number (usually by the left foot peg or near the headstock on older bikes
  • The engine number (found on the left crank case just under the carb
  • The fork tops and yokes
  • The swing arm both sides
  • The side stand mount
  • The wheel rims and both wheel hubs
  • The whole exhaust system including the front pipe and any rear silencer.

Please DO NOT try to e-mail the photos as they will not be send because they are too big. You will need to put them on a CD and post them.

Some bikes have been so radically changed or built up of a variety of parts over the years that it is not possible to accurately date the bike, if this turns out to be the case no certificate can be issued and there will be no charge.