Workshop Manuals

This page links to manuals for your model, (silver or black engine). The manual for the Silver engine is actually for the Suzuki 'Exacta' and some pages are not applicable - like frame, mudguards, seat, tank, etc.

There are a number of manuals around on CD, mostly on eBay. I have tried 2 of these, they are exact copies. They are not terribly good quality JPEGs of the original manual and there is only a parts book for the silver engine model on them. So, if you are thinking of buying a CD, make sure it has all the pages you need!

Our manuals and parts books are FREE!

You can click on any of the links below to view the file in your browser or right click on the link and select "save target as", to save it to your hard drive for future reference.

Black Engine RL325/RL250 Service Manual and Parts Book

Black Engine Workshop Manual (PDF) 5mb

(please note: there is a mistake on the gearbox drawing in Parts List 5. The circlip 36 should go between part 38 and part 39.)

Silver Engine Beamish and RL250 Exacta Service Manual

These are PDF copies of the original service manual for the RL250. It is good copy and the important information is readable.

Mikuni VM Carb Manual

Should you need to set up your carb, you might find the Mikuni VM carb manual (PDF), 1.2mb useful.

Service Bulletins

Here are some very useful SUZUKI Service Bulletins that you may find of help in problem solving and technical data.