Dating the Silver Engine Beamish

Dating can be done by a combination of the following

  • Tank decals
  • Frame modification
  • Swing arm modifications
  • Steel or aluminium tank
  • Side panels
  • Fork type
  • Exhaust
  • Side stand
  • Engine guard

Even with all of this information it is still a little hit and miss as bikes have been kept running by using any parts that fit!

The very first Beamish had a frame similar looking to that of the old Suzuki Exacta RL250 except that it was chrome plated. They were produced in late 1975 and early 1976. The petrol tanks were steel and painted silver with a wide orange/red stripe down the centre.

Here's what to look for

Note the side panels, long and thin. This is a very early example. Don't bother looking for a frame number - they were stuck on and made of Dynotape - they fell off at the first sign of water! You can't use the engine number to date the bike either I'm afraid. The exhaust was straight from the old Exacta and had a tail section. The swing arm was also straight from the Exacta but now chrome plated.

In 1976 and early 1977 the familiar 'Beamish yellow' appeared. The side panels were triangular and made of aluminium. The tank was still steel.